Cutting Sheet Metal | Plasma/Oxy-Fuel Burning

Weaver and Sons offers highly advanced oxy-fuel burning services. The high definition plasma cutting equipment cuts through material up to 1.5” thick. Our plasma cutter possesses high-definition, true hole technology.

This true hole technology:

  • Narrows the gap with laser hole quality making the plasma process suitable for some jobs previously cut with laser.
  • Virtually eliminates hole taper.
  • Delivers true “bolt-hole” quality.

Our oxy-fuel torches cut through material measuring several inches thick, but thicker materials result in parts with rougher edges. Therefore, our oxy-fuel torches work well for applications requiring bulkier components with coarser edges.

Our high-definition plasma and oxy-fuel burning operations help strengthen our ability to provide clients with comprehensive, high-quality metal manufacturing services. To learn more about this advanced technology, contact Weaver and Sons today.