Bending Sheet and Plate Metal | Forming & Rolling Services

Weaver and Sons’ high-quality forming and rolling operations are primarily suited to pre-finished materials. Unlike many companies, we can also utilize our advanced forming and rolling services to fabricate pipe, elbows, ductwork, cones, cyclones, etc. All of our advanced forming and rolling machinery is CNC controlled, which allows bending sheet metal to produce quality components to meet our clients’ tight deadlines.

We also offer in-house roll forming services for many shapes.

Our CNC machinery includes:

  • Press brakes up to 350 ton capacity with CNC back gaging and beds up to 14’ long
  • Plate roll equipment with up to a 10’ table
  • Various plate roll bending machines which work with parts measuring from 6” to several feet in diameter.

Our forming and rolling operations are part of a complete line of advanced metal manufacturing services that meet high industry standards and diverse requirements. Contact our company today for further information.